Greetings from Mitchel Maeng in the United States of America.


BMH Network, Inc. was established by a group of idividuals to play

an active role in the global industry.


As an initial member of BMH Network, Inc., I am committed to sharing

my knowledge and experience with BMH partners in each country

where BMH does business.


For more than 30 years, I was involved in various international projects

with concentration in construction and development.


I started with Dae Woo Development Company in Benghazi, Libya

in 1979.


In addition to English and Korean, I can communicate in Arabic.


It is my privilege to work with my partner as team.


Genesis Trade International

Peter Gonzalez

Executive Director & CEO





       Mitchel Maeng, 

       318 W. 9th Street, Suite 1205, Los Angeles, CA 90015

       Tel : (213)247-2034, (213)559-7837

       Fax : (213)623-2131

       e-mail :


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